Beton Hala
Belgrade, SERBIA
Architects: Nicolás del Rio – Max Núñez
Associate Architect: Marcial Hernández
Collaborators: Marine Winckler, Sebastián Cruz, Alfredo Thiermann.
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Competition: June 2011

Our proposal for the competition for the new Beton Hala Waterfront Centre, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The design acknowledges the importance of the existing Beton Hala structure not only as a significant continuous building clinging over the riverbank, but as an urban platform from which to relate to several essential city landmarks. The elongated rhythmic shape of the existing BH structure, and the site itself, suggested the use of extended horizontal volumes, which are proposed as continuous ascending ramps that connect different levels of the topography. 

The building would become a new architectural landmark in Belgrade, housing in a single iconic structure, a multi-programmatic building. A superior pedestrian connection between the riverfront, the platform (the park where BHWC is embedded) and the fortress level, are decisive goals of our project.